Hello, I'm Dex

Or Eldan, it doesn't matter. Why do I have two nicknames anyways?

Young Czech programmer interested in anything and everything. Mostly reverse engineering, hardware and electronics, technical innovations, film and photography, music and sound engineering, linguistics, physics and ponies

What can I do?


C#, C++, Python and x86 Assembly are the languages I use the most, but I know a lot more. I do desktop programming, reverse engineering and games

Networking and Hardware

I have basic experience with Windows and Linux server administration and networking (both hardware and software). I'm also interested in hardware customisation and overclocking


I speak Czech, English and German. I enjoy learning new languages and translating subtitles for movies and TV shows


I love music. I play the violin and the piano, sometimes try to compose and have some experience with sound engineering and audio hardware


I enjoy coming up with new ideas and experimenting


I can cook!

Contact me using

Look me up on

Look me up on

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